Sunday 3 April 2011

ADRIFT 5 goes Beta

I have now released ADRIFT 5.0.16, which is the first version to go Beta.  I think ADRIFT has now come to a point where I believe it is capable of creating full adventures with a certain amount of reliability.  There is still a long way to go, lots of bugs to fix, and many more enhancements to go in, but I think it's been long enough in development (about 6 years!) that it's about time it was opened to a larger audience.

Anyway, the changes in this version are as follows:

Bug Fixes
  • Problem saving anchor points (ID 2628)
  • Specifics not matching References (ID 2613)
  • Sequential references (ID 966)
  • Loading previous saved game (ID 2065)
  • Task priorities (ID 762)
  • Short Room Descriptions (ID 1830)
  • Center Doesn’t Continue Past Newline (ID 1368)
  • Put Object In Object always fails. (ID 2570)
  • Reference options not updating immediately (ID 2559)
  • Character Groups show no characters. (ID 1405)
  • Exporting as a module changes name of .taf (ID 1666)
  • Game title / Author name won’t save (ID 1714)
  • Text in Hints Doesn’t Save (ID 1544)
  • Cannot Delete Hints, Properties, or Text Overrides (ID 1545)
  • Location Properties - Unable to Select in Restrictions (ID 1560)
  • Working with multiple items (ID 1416)
  • Put Unknown Object In Object - Runner Crash (ID 1727)
  • Error after maximising map and clicking folder in tree structure (ID 1600)
  • Show exit from locations along with descriptions does not stay ticked (ID 2380)
  • Problem Using Delete Key in Find Box (ID 2277)
  • CopyStream error (ID 2463)
  • Randomness not completely random in tasks. (ID 1563)
  • When the object is listed in location, display this. (ID 920)
  • Randomness Not Random (ID 1264)
  • Can’t Select Characters in Specific Tasks (ID 1834)
  • Seen Locations - Menu Items Missing (ID 1835)
  • Events - Copy and Paste Issue (ID 1913)
  • General Task Involving 2 Characters (ID 1869)
  • Double Brackets do not work in alternate task restrictions (ID 1471)
  • Deleting Text Overides does not work. (ID 1503)

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  1. You might want to update the Generator images in the Adrift V5 part of the site. ;)