Friday 29 March 2013

5.0.30 out now

ADRIFT 5 release 30 is now available for download from the ADRIFT website. The main enhancements in this release are:

Private Properties (ID 3040)

Properties for Objects, Locations, Characters and Groups can now be made "Private".  This means that the new property will only be listed in the particular item that it has been made private to, thus not cluttering up all the other items with irrelevant properties.

Property descriptions (ID 15073)

Properties can now be given descriptions.  These appear as tool-tips when viewing the properties in items, to give additional information to the game author.

Completion Message default (ID 18692)

A default for whether to make task messages appear before before or after actions can now be set in Settings.  This can be overridden in each task on the Advanced tab.

Group function (ID 18748)

Group keys can now be used as Item functions to insert lists or summary information in text boxes.  E.g. you could type


to get a list of all the items in that particular group.

Make properties friendlier (ID 18754)

The property editor has had a makeover, so options that are not required for the current property are hidden away.  This makes it less cluttered, and hopefully a little easier to use.

Auto generate keys from names (ID 18757)

In Settings, you can now specify that key names should be generated based off their item names.

So for example, if you create a character called "Bob", instead of his key being Character1, it will now be Bob.  This makes any item functions more intuitive, e.g. you can type Bob.Held.Count instead of Character1.Held.Count to get the number of items he is carrying.

Add a manual (ID 18758)

Yes, ADRIFT finally has built in help.  To access help, simply click on the question mark icon in the top-right of Developer, or click on the question mark on any screen to go straight to help for that section.

The help file has detailed help for each section, plus lots of tutorials.  It is also still being added to.  An online version can be found at

Improve Add Specific Task menu (ID 18765)

The menu when you right-click on an object or character has been enhanced to show more relevant tasks.  This makes it easier to find the specific task you want, rather than a long list of tasks you would never use.

The remaining changes are bug fixes, and are as follows:

Bug Fixes
  • %text% not working in expressions (ID 18778)
  • String concatenation in expressions doesn't work (ID 18776)
  • Transcript appends but states it overwrites (ID 18774)
  • Only-display-once sequence skips half the tabs (ID 18773)
  • Run after task failure output (ID 18771)
  • Item functions returning object keys from objects is broken (ID 18769)
  • Display only once is being ignored in alternative desc (ID 18763)
  • Bad expressions with Objects.Children (ID 18762)
  • Character walks not upgrading properly (ID 18761)
  • Updates to Player in library (ID 18760)
  • window in set properties to small (ID 18753)
  • Functions Parent & InsideOf do not output key (ID 18749)
  • Boolean values stored in registry (ID 18743)
  • Scrollbar obsurces expression box (ID 18737)
  • Expression not evaluating (ID 18736)
  • Crash when cancelling blank step for character walk (ID 18730)
  • OO menus don't display correctly (ID 18729)
  • String expressions containing variables dont work (ID 18688)
  • Displaying Direction Restrictions Text Issue (ID 18483)

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