Monday 4 August 2014

5.0.32 out now

Sorry it has been quite so long since the last release.  On a personal level there have been big changes at work, we've embarked upon a renovation project at home, and of course there's the birth of our beautiful baby boy.  Anyway, it was about time I got a new release out, so here's a list of what's new:

Retain selections when changing object type

If you change an object from Static to Dynamic (or vice-versa), the location of the object is no longer reset to hidden.  So a static object in a single location will default to a dynamic object within that same location, and similarly objects that are parts of characters default to being held by that character.  This makes it easier to make changes to object types in the game, and is especially useful if you use the Add Object to Location menu item.

Scroll folders into view when selecting

When you select a folder from the tree view, that folder will automatically scroll into view if it happens to be off screen.  This is useful if you have lots of folders open, and lose track of where each one is.

Right click location - Add Player-enters task

There is now a new menu item in the Add Specific Task menu when right-clicking on a Location to run a task whenever the player enters that location.  This shortcut will create a System task with that trigger pre-set.

Allow Specific Tasks to be hidden.

The Prevent this task from being inherited checkbox is now available on Specific Tasks (as opposed to just General Tasks) when that Specific Task does not "use up" all its references from its parent task.  This allows you to prevent the Specific Task appearing in the dropdown menu when creating other Specific Tasks, thus reducing unnecessary clutter.

"Return to Default" Option for Last Alternative Description

If you have a description that only displays once, you now have a new option that will "reset" the message back to the default description.  This effectively allows you to cycle through the descriptions infinitely.

Show file name with save/load

When loading and saving games, the filename is now displayed.  This is useful when the command "save" is used, so you are reminded which filename is in use, and also when looking back over transcripts.

Option to check if a character is visible to a character

A new restriction to check whether a character is visible to another character has been added.  This takes closed objects into account.

Moving tasks etc. to folder

Items can now be dragged from a folder onto another folder in the tree view, making organisation even easier.

Multi Select Restrictions/Actions (with Shift/Ctrl)

Multiple restrictions and actions can now be selected in the task windows, allowing them all to be moved or deleted in bulk.

The remaining changes are bug fixes, and are as follows:
  • Can't use %direction% in expression if direction is "Up" (ID 18956)
  • Using Ctrl-v to paste text into search & replace creates a variable (ID 18949)
  • Crashdump if PartOf parent put inside container (ID 18944)
  • task actions ... will kill the developer. (ID 18940)
  • Find All crashes (ID 18927)
  • Copy-paste of a User Function causes exception (ID 18922)
  • Restriction summary wrong, char same loc as object (ID 18921)
  • User functions only work once per text box (ID 18911)
  • Players not correctly removed from objects when moving (ID 18909)
  • Key Prefix Problem (ID 18908)
  • Expressions can't subtract a negative number (ID 18907)
  • Sound loop not working (ID 18903)
  • Brackets don't nest inside user function parameters (ID 18899)
  • Broken Action- Add Everyone with property to group (ID 18898)
  • Space in %objects%.Children(Objects, On) stops it working (ID 18893)
  • not working (ID 18885)
  • Editing a task from an event control causes error (ID 18881)
  • Location function not working for objects (ID 18871)
  • Exits function of Locations not working (ID 18870)
  • Object that are PartOf do not follow players into closed objects (ID 18860)
  • UNDO fail to undo "Move objects to groups" command (ID 18859)
  • Object set to be placed on itself causes runner to crash (ID 18805)
  • Zero Value Disappears When Amending Restriction (ID 18611)
  • Adding room in the map window may put it in other folders (ID 18333)
  • Sitting Position not being updated (ID 10087)

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