Tuesday 11 October 2011

5.0.21 out now

ADRIFT 5 release 21 is now available for download. This release was mostly focused around WebRunner, which is now up and running at http://play.adrift.org.uk. There are also lots of fixes for playing v4 games within v5, off the back of some issues with the IF Comp entries. Please let me know if you spot any further compatability issues playing v4 games on v5.

The full list of changes is:

  • Map navigation (ID 14721)
  • Greater/ Less than comparisons for integer properties. (ID 4480)
  • Browser Runner (ID 8580)
Bug Fixes
  • Task priority logic (ID 14377)
  • "X ME" for 3.90 games broken on Adrift 5? (ID 10669)
  • Event inconsistencies (ID 13791)
  • Events misfiring on initial running of game (ID 603)
  • Referenced Object in Specific Tasks (ID 10007)
  • Location Group Restriction gives error (ID 10046)
  • Cannot select Ref Obj with some properties. (ID 10024)
  • Alternate Texts in Restrictions and Text Overrides (ID 10309)
  • Text Overrides AutoCap (ID 10308)
  • Runner crashes if restriction in "when obj listed in location" (ID 10382)
  • Closing Forms using [x] (ID 9836)
  • Crashes when undocking, maximizing map (ID 8595)
  • Extracted encrypted TAFs (ID 13241)
  • Variables set by System Task not reset on Restore (ID 11862)
  • Spaces in object names (ID 13166)
  • Char is here always displays (ID 11159)
  • Fonts bug (ID 11157)

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