Sunday 22 November 2015

5.0.34 out now

The latest version of ADRIFT is now available for download.  This contains the following changes:

Export Module (ID 19011)

When exporting a module, you can now opt to export only a particular folder, or just the items you currently have selected.  This means you can easily create modules for particular parts of your game.  There are two ways to do this - either right-click on a folder and select Export folder like so:

Or if you select Export Module from the main menu and if you have items selected, you will be prompted whether you wish to export just the selected items.

Runner Window Size Settings for Individual Adventures (ID 18913)

Last Window Size and position are now stored within a Blorb/EXE, so you can distribute your game with your preferred layout.

Advanced task option - Prevent merging of task outputs (ID 18824)

The default for ADRIFT, is to aggregate the output of tasks.  So for example, if you type "get all" and there are two objects in the room, it will state "You pick up the red ball and the green ball" instead of "You pick up the red ball.  You pick up the green ball."

You can now change this behaviour on a task by task basis by deselecting the Aggregate output, where possible checkbox on the Advanced tab of tasks.

Loops (ID 18479)

Loops can now be created around task calls, allowing for much greater flexibility.

A no repeat RAND() function (ID 18384)

I have added a new URand (Unique Random) function, which takes the same parameters as the Rand function (i.e. a single value, or a Min and Max values), but which will return Unique values within the range until all values are exhausted.

e.g. URand(1, 5) might return 3 the first time you call it, then 2 the next time, then 5, then 1 then 4.  On the next call it will return any random number from the range and uniquely work through them again.

As well as the above enhancements, the following bugs have also been fixed:

  • Restriction string in PlayerMovement task returns "nothing" (ID 19039)
  • Copy/paste in the runner causes images vanish (ID 19038)
  • Locking down/password protect Blorb files (ID 19037)
  • Custom Player Name not saved/restored (ID 19036)
  • Interrupting looping audio can crash the runner (ID 19035)
  • "Locking" graphics in games (ID 19029)
  • Map Bug (ID 19027)
  • Cancel button when exporting window executable (ID 19026)
  • EVENT will not continue if game is saved/restored (ID 19024)
  • Extra quotes added in restrictions when using Copy & Paste (ID 19022)
  • Undo do not undo ProperName changes for the player character (ID 19020)
  • Standard library-PutObjectOnOther restrictionerror (ID 19019)
  • Extra window panes cannot display graphics (ID 19016)
  • Standard library "Wear all" failure message (ID 18465)

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