Friday 3 June 2016

5.0.35 out now

The latest version of ADRIFT is now available for download.  Aside from the usual host of bug fixes, I've focused a little bit on Events, giving them some love.  The enhancements in a little more detail are as follows:

Time based events (ID 19099)

Events can now be Time based in addition to just Turn based.  This means that instead of the event start, length and sub-events all being defined in terms of turns, they can be defined in seconds instead.  This allows you to create events that trigger completely independently of user input.

Auto-set event lengths (ID 19100)

Rather than having to independently setting the length of the event in addition to any sub-events, the length will automatically be calculated based upon the sub-events you add, making it quicker to create the event.

SubEvents Reorganising (ID 18401)

When sub-events are moved up or down, they stay selected, making it easier to move them further up or down the list.

Change the Name/Prefix properties of the object from a task (ID 19085)

It is now possible to dynamically change the article, prefix and name of an object, by setting the relevant property of the object in a task action.  This can allow you to change how an object is referred to in the game, and removes the need to swap out objects with other objects if their description changes.

In addition to these, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Adding exported module folders to the library empties folder (ID 19103)
  • If you copy a folder with tasks in it those copied tasks retains same keys (ID 19102)
  • Remove subevent/event control doesn't work (ID 19098)
  • Enter a < into the Runner command line prevents new lines from printing? (ID 19091)
  • No popup list for group-of-integer item functions (ID 19089)
  • LocationTo Item sub-functions not working (ID 19084)
  • Adrift crash when changing direction (ID 19083)
  • Cannot deselect "Private to object" in a property (ID 19081)
  • Item Function returns object name as 'nothing' (ID 19076)
  • Cancel Button on task doesn't always cancel changes (ID 19075)
  • Tab Deletion Doesn't always delete correct tab (ID 19074)
  • "Character ignores you" bug (ID 19072)
  • System.NullReferenceException: Object not set to an instance of an object (ID 19070)
  • Expression resolver is adding quotes incorrectly (ID 19065)
  • Critical Error: An UltraListViewItem cannot be selected if it does not belong to ... (ID 19061)
  • Audio disappears when description added to location (ID 19057)
  • Setting save file name when reloading adventure. (ID 19055)
  • Can't OK restriction [Referenced Character] [Must] [Exist] (ID 19054)
  • Messages not displaying after Timed Event (ID 18625)

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