Friday 28 August 2020

5.0.36 out now

The latest version of ADRIFT is now available for download.  This update is mainly focused on searchable lists.  In detail, the changes are as follows:

Enable Search on Object Names in Lists (ID 18739)

When editing tasks or other forms where you need to select from a dropdown list, you can now type into the list to filter on your selected text.  For example, in Task Actions, you can type into the object list to find blue objects:

Or when overriding a task you can quickly find anything green:

This new feature defaults to being on, but if you prefer the lists as they were before, you can turn the feature off in Settings:

In addition to this, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • %text% reference doesn't work within conversations (ID 19182)
  • User function restrictions don't work in runner 35 (ID 19156)
  • Font tag isn't inheriting properly (ID 19123)
  • PutObjectsInsideOthers - restriction error (ID 19030)
  • New mandatory property does not update items immediately (ID 18891)
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