Sunday, 31 July 2011

Release 19 out now - (the Free one)

I have just uploaded ADRIFT 5.0.19.  This is the first version of Developer to be released (since 3.9.20 anyway) to have no registration restricting the use of the software.

There aren't a huge number of changes in this release as a large chunk (sorry!) of my time has been spent getting Blorbs working.  This now means images can be packaged along with the adventure into a single file, and run directly.

The full list of changes in this version is:

  • Add Blorb support (ID 6170)
  • Make Developer free (ID 7380)
  • Set full screen view as default in runner (ID 6995)
Bug Fixes
  • Runner Crash - Char on Himself (ID 6392)
  • Retroactive Property Assignment/Edits (ID 952)
  • Characters No Longer Listed By Default (ID 6390)
  • Spaces in variable names (ID 6162)
  • password system failure (ID 6322)
  • Change & Use of the Character Name Property (ID 7539)
  • Debugger does not list failed restrictions (ID 6329)
  • Disambiguation broken (ID 7308)
  • Conversation Keyword / Uppercase (ID 7128)
  • Error when detaching map and creating new folder (ID 6236)
  • Arranging non-existing windows (ID 5893)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Website

I have just launched a new ADRIFT website at  The old site should now redirect to this site.

The layout is based on the old site, but has many improvements including:
  • Single Login - all authentication on site uses the forum logins.
  • Profiles - every user has a profile, showing uploaded adventures and any reviews they have created.
  • Searchable adventures - you can now filter on title and description.
  • Page per adventure - each adventure now has it's own page showing the most useful reviews.
  • Cover art - can be assigned to each adventure
  • Amazon style ratings - Ratings can be rated, meaning the most useful ones are displayed first.
  • Integrated blog - the blogger ADRIFT blog is now the News page.
  • New post highlight - If new posts have been added to the Forum, the link will become highlighted.
  • Facebook LIKE button - Each game now has a like button, allowing people to promote their own games.
  • Latest forum posts - This mini-list is now properly tied into the permissions of the user.
  • Self Reviews - It is no longer possible (without creating a separate account) to review your own games.
There is still a little tidying up to do, so please let me know if you find any problems.