Tuesday, 25 December 2012

5.0.27 out now

ADRIFT 5 release 27 is now available for download from the ADRIFT website.

The main highlights in this release are a redesigned Objects form, highlighted links, and improvements to the parser.

A full list of changes is as follows:


Bug Fixes
  • Location property restriction checks don't work (ID 18678)
  • OO Location properties don't work (ID 18677)
  • Action Set Referenced Location Property (ID 18676)
  • Runner font sometimes resets to Arial, 12 (ID 18672)
  • Options Font size (ID 18671)
  • Restore filename doesn't work (ID 18666)
  • Display completion message default (ID 18664)
  • MaxScore Not Updating Dynamically (ID 18663)
  • General Tasks always Repeatable? (ID 18660)
  • No intellisense for %AloneWithChar%. and %ConvCharacter%. (ID 18655)
  • Flickering text (ID 18652)
  • Task can be overridden checkbox not working correctly (ID 18645)
  • Priority is incremented when loading library (ID 18644)
  • Task Type selection inverting (ID 18640)
  • EXE crashes on startup (ID 18633)
  • Autocap doesn't autocap text overrides (ID 18630)
  • Object Oriented functions don't appear to work with multiple object lists (ID 18629)
  • Drag and Drop "Parent of Character" does nothing (ID 18627)
  • Dotted links on map before restrictions occur (ID 18620)
  • UNDO not working properly after v.5.25 (ID 18601)
  • Coloured text bug (ID 18451)
  • Expressions dont work for restrictions and text properties (ID 18325)
  • Deleting library items (ID 7957)

Merry Christmas!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Clickable links

Version 5.0.27 will introduce optional links to show which keywords are clickable. Runner already brings up a menu when certain words are clicked upon, but this will make it more obvious. This makes it easier to play games using only the mouse, should you wish to do so.