Saturday, 15 September 2012

5.0.25 out now

ADRIFT 5 release 25 is now available for download. The main highlights in this release are Referenced Locations, Custom Directions, Find All and Auto-setup for restrictions. The full list of changes is:


  • Display previous text when undoing (ID 18554)
  • Stand/Get off objects before moving (ID 18551)
  • Allow custom directions (ID 18549)
  • High lighting folder containing "Find" object (ID 18547)
  • Games should open in the runner, not the generator (ID 18541)
  • %location% reference needed (ID 18331)
  • Path of acitive window in status bar (ID 17765)
  • FIND and FIND & REPLACE Functions (ID 7379)
  • Auto set-up restrictions (ID 4773)
Bug Fixes
  • OO functions fail to replace (ID 18577)
  • Suspended events should not stop/restart (ID 18571)
  • v4: Task actions containing | in expressions don't import (ID 18570)
  • Character position ambiguous when in/on object spanning multiple locations (ID 18569)
  • v4: Object must/not be hidden (ID 18568)
  • Unlock object fails if no key (ID 18567)
  • Double-clicking on destination link creates new link (ID 18564)
  • Double-clicking map link leaves stranded exit (ID 18563)
  • New General tasks should default to Repeatable (ID 18558)
  • Changing case of key prefix causes duplicate key error (ID 18557)
  • Memory problem on large adventures (ID 18555)
  • Bad Argument error in conversations (ID 18552)
  • Multiple conversation topic matching problem (ID 18550)
  • Strange Output (ID 18544)
  • New Style Functions Outpur Differs From Old Style (ID 18543)
  • Password problems (ID 18539)
  • Incorrect command conversions (ID 18529)
  • Fix for "Bad function pcase" error for standard library task "Get Out of Object" (ID 18528)
  • Setting property to %text% (ID 18527)
  • Lock "Sort by Name" (ID 18522)
  • Runner hangs on 'start transcript' if default file already exists (ID 18440)
  • "Display Only Once" not reset on Restore (ID 17650)
  • Action Variable Alphabetical Sort Issue (ID 1414)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

ADRIFT Map video

I have created a video demonstration of the ADRIFT map, covering all the functionality of the map within Developer.

Hopefully this will be the first of many demonstrations to come. I hope you find it useful!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Version 4 update - Now Free!

I have decided to release an update to version 4 (release 52).

This is pretty much the same as the last release, with two changes.
  • There was an error message when running alongside version 5, due to both versions using the same storage in the registry and v4 not expecting the values v5 stored.
  • I have removed the registration restrictions, so v4 is now free.
You can download the files only update here. Alternatively you can download the full install here or the full Runner install here.