Saturday, 20 November 2010

In/Out directions

In and Out directions are now displayed on the map.  The location of the nodes is automatically determined based on the locations of the map nodes, and will always be mid-way between any two anchors.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Further Map improvements

I have now added a rotation about the Z-axis in the map display, which I believe gives an improved perspective. This, along with optional axes and grid display mean that the map is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Monday, 18 October 2010

5.0.14 out now

5.0.14 is now available.  The most notable change in this release is the map.  Please note that the map is not yet complete, and I intend on adding more functionality (such as colour/transparency customisation, grid lines, up/down linking etc).  However, it should still be a significant improvement over the v4 map.

Here is a screenshot of the main form with the embedded map...

Changes in this release are:


Bug Fixes
  • Password (ID 984)
  • Alternate Text - Missing Option (ID 826)
  • Folder list doesn’t remember position or pinned status on close/open (ID 970)
  • Reference order (ID 965)
  • Give Character Object - Parser Problem (ID 807)
  • Containers cannot have ’in’ in their name (ID 908)
  • Runner - Command Entry Issue - UPDATED (ID 306)
  • Disambiguity is causing problems (ID 846)
  • Getting up from an object (chair) (ID 848)
  • Selecting recent document doesn’t prompt to save (ID 927)
  • Held objects failing visibility test (ID 704)
  • Ambiguity Issue (ID 646)
  • Problem with [any character] and held (ID 819)
  • This task can be overridden by other task restriction failures (ID 922)
  • Tab key (ID 732)
  • Folders, Duplicate Entries and a Crash (ID 890)
  • Dockable Folder Can Crash (ID 891)
  • Text override key name (ID 765)
  • Object Properties- Statelist crash (ID 859)
  • Unselected properties (ID 856)
  • Alternate text - Reordering tabs (ID 719)
  • Alternate text - Critical Error (ID 718)
  • Char same location as other char failing (ID 702)
  • v4 files do not load in 5.0.13 (ID 684)
  • Incorrect response to take objects (ID 682)
  • Edit child task icon crash (ID 674)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

More Map

Well the map is progressing very well indeed, and almost complete as far as manipulating the map with the Developer.

The map can be moved, rotated and zoomed as a whole.  It consists of multiple pages to separate different map areas.  Map nodes can be moved individually or within groups, and they can be resized to any rectangular shape.  Multiple selection of nodes can be carried out either by selecting/deselecting individual nodes, or by lassoing over multiple nodes.

Overlapping nodes are highlighted to assist the user in creating a clean layout.

Links between the nodes are calculated automatically.  However, if a custom link between nodes is required, anchor points can be placed along the link to create any path.

Links between nodes that require tasks to be completed first are shown as a dotted line. 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Map ... continued

Well, the map is progressing well. So, here's what it does so far...

The map is the standard box and connector, as seen in many works of Interactive Fiction. But the ADRIFT 5 map takes this one step further, displaying different levels in a 3D display. The map can be rotated to provide almost any viewing angle. This can get a little busy, so levels other than the current level can optionally be made semi (or completely) transparent.  By optionally setting all non-selected levels to completely transparent, and rotating the map to look from directly above, the map can completely emulate simple plan view maps.

The ADRIFT 4 map recalculates the layout every time the player moves to a different location.  The map in ADRIFT 5 is pre-defined, so no longer will it suffer the problem where the layout could suddenly change when the player moves from one room to another.  Additionally, and crucially, this will allow the game designer to move each node to an arbitrary location, and create any layout they please.

More to follow later...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Map

I've started working on the map for the next release. It's still early days, but I'm quite excited about it, and it should be a significant improvement over the v4 map.

I don't want to say too much about it at this stage as much is liable to change. More to follow later...

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

5.0.13 out now

Well, that's 5.0.13 out now.  The most noticeable thing with this version is that it uses the Microsoft Ribbon interface.  I've also implemented a folder structure, so rather than just having a set number of lists, each list can contain subfolders etc, which should make organising your adventure much easier.

This is the first release that non registered members should be able to run.  Obviously, the software is restricted in this mode.

Here's a screenshot of the main form with it's new look...

Changes in this release are:

  • Password protection (ID 598)
  • "About" box (ID 597)
  • Warn if no libraries are loaded (ID 487)
  • Adventure Settings saved with taf file. (ID 403)
  • Folders (ID 489)
  • Sorting of rooms and objects (ID 524)

Bug Fixes
  • Player is on object issue (ID 624)
  • Picture not showing in into screen (ID 599)
  • Non-cardinal directions (ID 573)
  • Task Copy then Paste issue. (ID 628)
  • [Any Object ]issue (ID 604)
  • Text Replacement - Cancel is Broken (ID 629)
  • Can’t move Player inside an object (ID 627)
  • Task is repeatable checkbox (ID 521)
  • Repeatable task button not working (ID 547)
  • Events randomness not random! (ID 526)
  • Event starting after x turns (ID 574)
  • Moving subevents up/down (ID 591)
  • Subevent action not saving (ID 590)
  • Windows Executable crashes (ID 545)
  • Runner Crash on Macros (ID 539)

Monday, 30 August 2010

Blog created

After reading posts in I figured it would be a good idea to create a blog for ADRIFT 5, so I can jot down thoughts, and so everyone can easily follow progress.

There is a summary page at which has a couple of screenshots and a bullet point list of what is new in v5.

At the current moment in time, ADRIFT 5 is currently at version 5.0.12.  This is an alpha version which is available to all registered users of version 4.

I will soon be releasing version 5.0.13, which has a radical new interface consisting of the Microsoft Ribbon, and also a hierarchical folder support, similar to that of Windows Explorer, along with various bug fixes.