Friday, 15 April 2011

Action Power!

One of my main objectives for the next release is to boost the power of task actions. Up until now, it has only been possible to move specific objects, all held or all worn objects like so:

I have now added more options, so you can now move specific objects, everything at a location, everything held or worn by a player, everything in or on an object, everything in a group, or everything with a particular property, like so:

As well as just being able to move objects, you can add and remove them from groups:

Characters have been improved in much the same way, and I have introduced a Locations tab to move locations in and out of groups.

I realise this will require an extra couple of selections from the dropdown, but I think the additional time taken to select the options will be worth the additional power and flexibility.

I just need to do a little work on Properties and Variables to finish it off.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

ADRIFT 5 goes Beta

I have now released ADRIFT 5.0.16, which is the first version to go Beta.  I think ADRIFT has now come to a point where I believe it is capable of creating full adventures with a certain amount of reliability.  There is still a long way to go, lots of bugs to fix, and many more enhancements to go in, but I think it's been long enough in development (about 6 years!) that it's about time it was opened to a larger audience.

Anyway, the changes in this version are as follows:

Bug Fixes
  • Problem saving anchor points (ID 2628)
  • Specifics not matching References (ID 2613)
  • Sequential references (ID 966)
  • Loading previous saved game (ID 2065)
  • Task priorities (ID 762)
  • Short Room Descriptions (ID 1830)
  • Center Doesn’t Continue Past Newline (ID 1368)
  • Put Object In Object always fails. (ID 2570)
  • Reference options not updating immediately (ID 2559)
  • Character Groups show no characters. (ID 1405)
  • Exporting as a module changes name of .taf (ID 1666)
  • Game title / Author name won’t save (ID 1714)
  • Text in Hints Doesn’t Save (ID 1544)
  • Cannot Delete Hints, Properties, or Text Overrides (ID 1545)
  • Location Properties - Unable to Select in Restrictions (ID 1560)
  • Working with multiple items (ID 1416)
  • Put Unknown Object In Object - Runner Crash (ID 1727)
  • Error after maximising map and clicking folder in tree structure (ID 1600)
  • Show exit from locations along with descriptions does not stay ticked (ID 2380)
  • Problem Using Delete Key in Find Box (ID 2277)
  • CopyStream error (ID 2463)
  • Randomness not completely random in tasks. (ID 1563)
  • When the object is listed in location, display this. (ID 920)
  • Randomness Not Random (ID 1264)
  • Can’t Select Characters in Specific Tasks (ID 1834)
  • Seen Locations - Menu Items Missing (ID 1835)
  • Events - Copy and Paste Issue (ID 1913)
  • General Task Involving 2 Characters (ID 1869)
  • Double Brackets do not work in alternate task restrictions (ID 1471)
  • Deleting Text Overides does not work. (ID 1503)