Tuesday 31 August 2010

5.0.13 out now

Well, that's 5.0.13 out now.  The most noticeable thing with this version is that it uses the Microsoft Ribbon interface.  I've also implemented a folder structure, so rather than just having a set number of lists, each list can contain subfolders etc, which should make organising your adventure much easier.

This is the first release that non registered members should be able to run.  Obviously, the software is restricted in this mode.

Here's a screenshot of the main form with it's new look...

Changes in this release are:

  • Password protection (ID 598)
  • "About" box (ID 597)
  • Warn if no libraries are loaded (ID 487)
  • Adventure Settings saved with taf file. (ID 403)
  • Folders (ID 489)
  • Sorting of rooms and objects (ID 524)

Bug Fixes
  • Player is on object issue (ID 624)
  • Picture not showing in into screen (ID 599)
  • Non-cardinal directions (ID 573)
  • Task Copy then Paste issue. (ID 628)
  • [Any Object ]issue (ID 604)
  • Text Replacement - Cancel is Broken (ID 629)
  • Can’t move Player inside an object (ID 627)
  • Task is repeatable checkbox (ID 521)
  • Repeatable task button not working (ID 547)
  • Events randomness not random! (ID 526)
  • Event starting after x turns (ID 574)
  • Moving subevents up/down (ID 591)
  • Subevent action not saving (ID 590)
  • Windows Executable crashes (ID 545)
  • Runner Crash on Macros (ID 539)


  1. Nice release Campbell, the inroduction of folders in particular is a great addition.

  2. How can I download the most recent version?