Sunday 9 January 2011

5.0.15 out now

5.0.15 is now available.  The biggest enhancement in this release is the ability to delete items without resorting to exporting as a module, removing text and re-importing.  Here is the full list of changes:

  • Short room descriptions (ID 540)
  • Changing character properties (ID 116)
  • Character on character missing restriction (ID 782)
  • Folders do not show or allow sort by task priority (ID 992)
  • Properties for Locations (ID 941)
  • Referenced Direction as a restriction (ID 990)
  • Deleting (ID 54)
Bug Fixes
  • Renaming system tasks (ID 1258)
  • Map is closed but cannot open it because "Map" button is disabled (as if the map was open) (ID 1314)
  • Moving Alt Texts Can Cause Crash (ID 1142)
  • Missing restriction option (ID 690)
  • Drop items into descriptions has broken (ID 701)
  • Listobjectsonandin - bad function error (ID 827)
  • Wildcards Crash Search (ID 951)
  • Put Container in itself causes runner error (ID 529)
  • Object Properties of type object list (ID 994)
  • Secondary location picture (ID 1035)
  • Alternate descriptions for object descriptions (ID 877)
  • Runner crashes when moving character to nowhere (ID 1118)
  • Error when deleting a created property (ID 174)
  • Object Statelists and spaces (ID 861)
  • Event - Display Message When at this location (ID 923)
  • Modules not working. (ID 1041)
  • Cannot CUT locations (ID 997)
  • Dropping when inside objects (ID 678)
  • Worn objects fail visibility test when on an object (ID 1040)
  • Crash when map is in it’s own window (ID 1011)


  1. Oh, the titles of these posts might be a tad misleading. There really is no way for us unregistered folk to get our hands on these alpha releases, I figure, is there? I'm really liking this new graphical map display. Was this feature, to a lesser extent, availalbe in v4 as well? (I'm asking as I'm considering registering. Should I hold out just a little longer until v5 is out?)