Friday 15 April 2011

Action Power!

One of my main objectives for the next release is to boost the power of task actions. Up until now, it has only been possible to move specific objects, all held or all worn objects like so:

I have now added more options, so you can now move specific objects, everything at a location, everything held or worn by a player, everything in or on an object, everything in a group, or everything with a particular property, like so:

As well as just being able to move objects, you can add and remove them from groups:

Characters have been improved in much the same way, and I have introduced a Locations tab to move locations in and out of groups.

I realise this will require an extra couple of selections from the dropdown, but I think the additional time taken to select the options will be worth the additional power and flexibility.

I just need to do a little work on Properties and Variables to finish it off.