Friday 11 January 2013

5.0.28 out now

ADRIFT 5 release 28 is now available for download from the ADRIFT website. This is somewhat earlier than expected, but I felt it necessary in order to fix some irritating bugs for new users playing packaged games. There are two enhancements in this release; being able to import v4 style ALR files, and the ability to print out the map.

A full list of changes is as follows:


Bug Fixes
  • Error stopping audio (ID 18697)
  • Error loading blorb/exe, Layout path not found (ID 18696)
  • Cant set value-list property with an action (ID 18694)
  • Cant test value-list property in a restriction (ID 18693)
  • Error Loading Adventure. Invalid character (ID 18690)
  • Corrupt text window (ID 18687)
  • %text% not passing as a parameter (ID 18686)
  • Object orientated functions aren't recursive (ID 18685)
  • Integer Properties Cannot Be Dependent on Value (ID 18459)
  • Assigning values to properties in actions (ID 18391)

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