Monday 4 May 2015

5.0.33 out now

Again, it has taken me quite a while to get this release out, having squeezed in development as and when I can, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.  There are some exciting enhancements, amongst which is the ability to make debugging your games easier and more enjoyable.

Support <bgcolour> tags (ID 19010)

ADRIFT 4.0 supported the ability for the game designer to change the background colour.  This functionality is now available in ADRIFT 5.0, allowing background colours to be changed at any point within the game.  The background will remain this colour until changed again, or set back to the default.

The format is:

   <bgcolour = "colour">

Where colour is a named colour (e.g. red, green, blue etc), a hexadecimal colour code (e.g. #FF8800, #123456) or simply "default" to set back to the default colour.

Add default background colour in Developer (ID 19009)

Default colours for the game can now be set in Developer.  This allows the author to set the game colours appropriately for the atmosphere of the game.  It also allows them to set a suitable background colour for any font colour changes within the game.

To set default colours, go to Options > General > Default Colours

The person playing the game can choose whether to allow these colours, or to use their own preferred colours.

Allow more than one of all reference types (ID 18985)

All reference types now support multiple references per task command.  This means you can have %location1% and %location2% in the same command.  Same goes for Number, Text, Direction and Item (previously only Object and Character supported multiple references).

Ability to copy-paste restrictions/actions (ID 18844)

Actions and Restrictions can now be copied and pasted within Developer.  To access this feature, right-click on any Action or Restriction, where the new options will be available on the menu:

Debugger Enhancements (ID 18387)

The debugger has been significantly improved, providing visibility and the option to change all property values of each of the item types.  To see the properties, select the individual item within the debugger tree view, where they will be listed like so:

The property values can be changed by either selecting a new value from the dropdown, or by over-keying the value currently there.  Changes will be reflected immediate within the game currently being played in Runner.

Player controlled wait command (ID 8125)

A new task action has been added, allowing a particular task to cause a certain amount of time to pass.

As well as the above enhancements, the following bugs have also been fixed:
  • Variables set to strings with spaces (ID 18994)
  • %object% %object1% %objects% confusion (ID 18986)
  • Saving array values does not work (ID 18984)
  • Cancel Open File can still load file (ID 18979)
  • IF expression not resolved before actions execution (ID 18973)
  • Restriction: reference must exist, does not check type (ID 18971)
  • Pop-up for adding restrictions to new task appears twice (ID 18968)
  • Character not known & indefinite (ID 18964)
  • Character1.Known function generate a error dialog (ID 18963)
  • Undo fail to UNDO unselect property (ID 18962)
  • Player.Held.OpenStatus(Closed/Open) does not return value (ID 18961)
  • %object2% reference with no %object1% fails "exists" restriction (ID 18957)
  • Old games load new libraries (ID 18946)
  • ToDo: Selection only item functions (ID 18925)
  • reference parameters scrambled if order changed (ID 18924)
  • Property restriction comparing < kills debugger (ID 18858)
  • Set default user dictionary location (ID 18422)

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