Thursday 16 September 2010

The Map ... continued

Well, the map is progressing well. So, here's what it does so far...

The map is the standard box and connector, as seen in many works of Interactive Fiction. But the ADRIFT 5 map takes this one step further, displaying different levels in a 3D display. The map can be rotated to provide almost any viewing angle. This can get a little busy, so levels other than the current level can optionally be made semi (or completely) transparent.  By optionally setting all non-selected levels to completely transparent, and rotating the map to look from directly above, the map can completely emulate simple plan view maps.

The ADRIFT 4 map recalculates the layout every time the player moves to a different location.  The map in ADRIFT 5 is pre-defined, so no longer will it suffer the problem where the layout could suddenly change when the player moves from one room to another.  Additionally, and crucially, this will allow the game designer to move each node to an arbitrary location, and create any layout they please.

More to follow later...


  1. Must say the map is turning out to be fantastic, and being able to directly manipulate the map instead of ADRIFT drawing it is great!