Tuesday 28 September 2010

More Map

Well the map is progressing very well indeed, and almost complete as far as manipulating the map with the Developer.

The map can be moved, rotated and zoomed as a whole.  It consists of multiple pages to separate different map areas.  Map nodes can be moved individually or within groups, and they can be resized to any rectangular shape.  Multiple selection of nodes can be carried out either by selecting/deselecting individual nodes, or by lassoing over multiple nodes.

Overlapping nodes are highlighted to assist the user in creating a clean layout.

Links between the nodes are calculated automatically.  However, if a custom link between nodes is required, anchor points can be placed along the link to create any path.

Links between nodes that require tasks to be completed first are shown as a dotted line. 


  1. Looking good. Sexy, even. A couple questions:

    -- How will in/out directions be displayed?

    -- Can rooms be marked as unmappable so they never display (such as in a maze)?

    -- Alternatively, could a region of unmappable rooms be represented as a single dotted-edge bordered rectangle with the region's name (e.g. so the player just sees a large rectangle labeled "Maze" or "Forest" to represent all the maze locations)?

    heh. I'm like the proverbial fishwife who keeps asking for one more thing.

  2. -- I think I will do this using an In and Out icon, similar to the v4 map.

    -- Yes, I will continue to allow locations to be marked as unmappable.

    -- Nice idea, I will have a think about that!

  3. Also could we possibly be able to add arrows to the connecting lines to designate one-way only?

  4. Yes, you can already do that. Sorry, forgot to mention it! :)